Related events

-Every night of 7 December the filaes celebrate the traditional ‘Olleta de la Purísma' – a kind of pot-, gathering in his social headquarters to the members and bands of music and dining the traditional Pot.


-The last Saturday of June takes place the Publication, where a representative of each ‘filà’ takes part in this parade. At night, all the comparsas celebrate the traditional parade in the Passeig of the Comtat.This act is already documented in the year 1765.


-The first Saturday of July takes place the ‘Presentation of Charges' and placard of the fiesta, in the courtyard of Arms of the Palace, where are presented, in official way, the Captains and ensigns of the fiesta.


-The third Friday of July takes place the presentation of the Magazine-Program of the fiesta, one of the best in the Valencian Community.


-The last Saturday of July takes place the theatrical representation by the company Teló Teatre, theatre group with a long and a big artistic path.


-Along July, Saturdays night the filaes parades with the bands of music in the Passeig of the Comtat, filling the village of music and fiesta.