Programme of events Moors and Christians

Along the first week of August the music gets a particular importance , celebrating in the Courtyard of the County Palace three concerts of fiesta music of great quality:

Sunday,  performance of the group  traditional  music El Mal Passet.

Monday, by the local band Ateneo Musical of Cocentaina.

Thursday, by the local band Musical Union Contestana.

The festival structure  follows  a trilogy, with his corresponding day before or día de la Olla . The calendar is as follows:


- Friday, day before of the trilogy:

at 19.00h the ‘filaes' and the bands of music parade along the Passeig del Comtat avenue until the Pla square, where the musicians  play  the Hymn of the fiesta, initiating the great days of Cocentaina.


-Second Saturday of August:

at 7.00h begins the First Diana, a parade in the  Vila square, one of the most emotional acts.

At 12.30h takes place the Embassy of the Contrabandistas and the Maseros, a centenarian and funny act by the two comparsas

At 19.00h  Starts  the Christian parade, followed by the Moor parade at 21.00, with the spectacular suits  created  especially for the occasion and numerous bands of music.


-Second Sunday of August, day of the Saint Patron Saint Hipólito:

at 7.30h takes place the Second Diana, with children as  protagonists.

At 11.50h takes place the offering and the  mass to Saint Hipólito. Next, the Presentation of Arms to the Captains , one of the exclusive acts of Cocentaina, in the Square of the Vila.

At 20.00h it takes place the Procession in honour to Saint Hipólito Martir, where  the festival suits and dresses  can be appreciated with great detail.


-Monday, last day of the trilogy, day of the Alardo:

At the dawn, guerrillas -warfare- in the old town.

At 11.00h, starts the  Alardo -battle- between the two armies.

At 14.00h, Embassy of the Tomatoes between Bequeteros and Ministerial Cavalry, fun act where the tomatoes are the “arms” used.

At 18.30h, Continues the Alardo between the two armies.

At 21.00h, thanksgiving in the monastery of the Virgin María and transfer of the Saint to the church of the Saviour